Type Block Robot
Dimensions 380×320×90 mm
Material hypoallergenic polycarbonate
Number of parts 978
SoC CPU STM32, 72 MHz, 32-bit
Flash memory 32MB (Extended storage is not supported)
Connection Bluetooth
2.4G wireless support (connection sensor)
Wi-Fi supports Type-C extension
Power supply 1700 mAh lithium battery
Charging adapter 12V / 5 V
Motor type Servomotor
Sensor Gyro sensor
Support Interface expansion
Support Wireless expansion
Infrared sensor can be connected (not included)
Ultrasonic sensors can be connected (not included)
Color sensor can be connected (not included)
Programmable RGB lights
Software Mobile remote control support
Voice recognition support
Planning path support
Gravity sensing
Programming control support
Mobile programming support