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Redmi 5

Full screen display for everyone

Standard display of today's smartphones

Full 18:9 screen display

5.7"(14.5cm) screen with curved angle design
Perfectly suited to the design body
Turn on the screen, enjoy your world

Play games become more stable
Bigger screen, more fun to play

More content is displayed than the 16: 9 aspect ratio

5.5"(13.9cm) smartphone with 16:9 aspect ratio

5.7"(14.5cm) smartphone with 18:9 aspect ratio

  • Polished
    glass cover panel is very smooth

    Reduces 30% risk of damaged screen

  • Reinforced corner design

    Protects screen when hit

  • Protection nets on the speakers

    Avoid volume drops due to dust

Standby time up to 12 days

3300mAh battery

Qualcomm 14nm processor with low power consumption, power-
saving optimization MIUI
Video playback up to 15 hours

Experience smooth gaming
14nm Snapdragon octa-core processor

Accelerated gaming system level,
a great gaming experience with minimal battery consumption

Clear photo results in low light conditions

LED Selfie-light

Take stunning photos with automatic features that make your face
brighter with smart Beautify 3.0

Sample photos with LED selfie light

The quality of the photos is amazing

1.25μm large pixels

12MP high quality camera Stunning
photo results in different light

An example of a photo with a large pixel rear camera

Faster, more power-efficient

MIUI 9 Lightning fast

Free ultra-slim case
to protect your phone

Note: All data are based on design specifications, lab data, and suppliers. Test data may vary slightly depending on the version and test environment. Test conditions: temperature 20 ℃ -30 ℃, relative humidity 45% -75%, atmospheric pressure 86kPa-106kPa.

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