Limited Warranty Statement


This limited warranty shall apply to Xiaomi products. For handset and accessory defects under normal use circumstances and at the discretion of the company, Xiaomi shall provide free of charge repair and/or replacement services within the warranty period.

Handset Limited Warranty

Item Warranty Period Scope of Warranty Warranty Service Warranty Support Document
Handset Hardware 1 year Labor and parts Walk in Product IMEI No.
Invoice Slip
Xiaomi original battery, adapter and other accessories packaged 6 month Labor and parts Walk in Product IMEI No.
Invoice Slip
Service Warranty 1 Year Labor and Software Walk in Product IMEI No.
Invoice Slip
2 years of brand warranty (1 year parts warranty+1 year extended free service warranty) will be applicable only for IMEI that is valid until 25.7.2018.
Every new IMEI afterwards (from 26.7.2018), will be implied under 1 year of brand warranty policy.

The Limited Warranty starts from the day the customer receives the product.
During the warranty period, any defects listed in < Handset Defects List > below shall be repaired free of charge by Xiaomi.

ItemPerformance Defects
Phones / Tablets Screen failure including no display/abnormal display
Phone / tablet does not start, unable to log or make calls
Phone / tablet does not vibrate or ring
Abnormal shutdown
Poor contact with SIM cards
Button failure
No sound or abnormal sound volume
Shell crack damage due to structural or material factors
Battery Charger The original charger does not work.
Battery Phone / tablet doesn‘t work after fully charged or cannot charge
USB Cables Do not work


This Accessory Product Limited Warranty only covers accessories sold on

Service Centers supporting Accessory Services, please visit the website:

The Limited Warranty starts from the day the customer receives the product.

During the warranty period, if any accessory defect is inspected and confirmed by a Xiaomi authorized service center, a free replacement service shall be provided.

  1. This limited warranty is only valid in Bangladesh, and the product is not eligible for any international warranty service. To the fullest extent permitted by law, warranty service may only be performed by Xiaomi or Xiaomi authorized service centers.
  2. Xiaomi may conduct diagnostic tests on customers‘ products to identify the causes of failures/defects. Before returning any unit for service, customer should back up data and remove any confidential and/or personal information from the product. Xiaomi is not responsible for damage or loss of any program, data, or removable storage media.
  3. Prior to contacting a Xiaomi service agent, please ensure the following information is at hand:

    • Model, serial number, and IMEI number if available.
    • Customer’s full address and contact information.
    • Purchase order number, a copy of the customer’s original invoice/receipt.
  4. This warranty does not cover the following cases:

    • If the product serial number, IMEI number or warranty seal is illegible or has been removed, erased, defaced, altered, and/or tampered. If any accessory or external part of the product is missing.
    • If any damage occurs in/on outer surface of the product, including but not limited to cracks, dents or scratches on the exterior cases, screens, camera lenses, buttons and other attachments.
    • For Mi Band strap, if it becomes dirty or damaged due to contact with chemical agents, sharp objects, improper handling, accident, abuse, or under abnormal use or conditions such as sauna, swimming, and so forth.
    • General maintenance, password reset assistance, cleaning, application update/installation, product demonstration, or any other service other than repair/replacement;
    • Deterioration of the product caused by normal wearing and tearing, including but not limited to rust or stains;
    • Any other circumstances that are contradictory or are not in compliance with business ethics.
  5. Xiaomi will determine whether a product is "Out of Warranty" at the company’s discretion according to the standards listed below. Repair of "Out of Warranty" products shall be separately quoted by the Xiaomi service center and respective service shall be provided upon service fee payment.
    • Violations against warranty, including but not limited to customer induced damage, such as self-repairs, exposure to water, damage caused by misuse, alternation, failure to comply with product manual, and so on.
    • Invalid warranty
    • Expired warranty

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